Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Thursday, 24 August 2023

Queue Jumper - Memory Lane

 I have been hanging my nose over a bunch of these old Matchbox kits, memories from when I was a kid and also first getting into wargaming.

Of course this is one of the models I never bought before. All my models were for Normandy and onwards. One thing that was a bit of a shocker was the colour of the kits plastic. White and electric blue. Good job I have some good primers.

One of the best things about Matchbox kits is that they come with a little mini diorama so that I can build the kit and have something to base them on. If all goes well with this one I will buy more as time goes on and look to sell them between £25 and £30 for most based on actual cost of the kits as they can be rather expensive. I have also heard that the decals tend not to be useable so the added cost of replacements has to be taken into account. However they should be fairly easy to post out.

Queue jumping? It's possible but I do have several pieces that can not be passed over on the go at the moment. Two mini dio's for Novembers annual ASL Tournament at Blackpool, Bounding First Fire. Unlike the previous years the dio's will be scaled down. This years theme is Allied Minors so we have a Dutch and Polish base to work on. I have finished the Dutch model and just need to do the base whilst the Polish figures arrived today.

I have also built the final figure for my 1/35 scale Tiger dio and hope to start painting the last two figures soon whilst working on the Poles.

Once that is done I hope to carry on with my Ice Cold in Alex mini dio but at this point maybe a T34 might also get into the action.

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