Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

10 Things I Hate About You!

With the season of goodwill to all men just around the corner I feel a timely dig at our hobby is in order, after all you are most unkind to those that you love. I hope you like the bearing in no set order of old scars and fresh wounds ;-)
1. Given the whole post is inspired by this event (AGAIN!!) lets start here. I like Coat d'arms paints, I don't think they are as good as Vallejo but they do fill gaps in the range. However too many of the caps break off just like this one last night. What I then end up with is paint all over a couple of fingers and then just about every time I open the pot, it's just a royal pain in the ass.
2. Flash, no not that muppet, the stuff on figures. The usual bits that need just a small amount of time is OK but when the figure obviously needs a lot of work. Either poor quality control (just forgivable) or a buggered mould (unforgivable!). Made worse when pictures on the website show the figure to be nice and crisp.
3. Snacks, especially ones filled with sugar. Did you come round to play games or just fill yer fat hole? OK when we play Euro Games we have salty snacks but come on SUGAR, REALLY?

4. Chit Chat, OK if you have not seen each other in ages, then it's much more likely to be a catch up. Even if you have seen each other recently it's great to chat but come on , when bullshit time beats playing time you need to shove a cake in it, oops you can't cake is banned. So just shut the hell up! Please.
5. Unpainted or part painted units. I know we all (well most of us) have done this at some point but really do you need to do it every time you play? I take bad painted figures over zip painting. This especially gets my goat when it's a NEW option thats been added to an existing army. You mean you HAD the troops to play a fully painted army? I see.

6. Cheating. Hell if you need to win that bad, just let me know and I will throw you a bone. BUT worse than that is the jerk who calls you a cheat, possibly in jest (not really they do it with that shit eating smile). I've had it done twice, once from a sore loser and second time with that half smile. Not played either since. Grow up or go home.
7. OK sometimes that call is urgent. Sometimes your supposed to be at work but that joke from a m8 that came through 30 seconds ago when we were half way through a difficult combat that you have now forwarded to 10 mates and still going strong, was that really THAT important? It was? Then bugger off!

8. I  am talking about rules here. If they are not finished why did you release them? It's my hobby, it's your job.
I bought a car from here last week
Yes Sir?
It's got no seats!
No problem they wll be fitted in a few weeks. However go a bit steady as the brakes aren't due for a month.

9. Spouses and partners. Not all , honest. I am talking about the one that seem to think playing wargames and worse BUYING stuff for THAT stupid game is some how worse than going to the pub with a few mates and getting plastered. They even think it's worse than joining a gym or sports club and getting fit! I just can't figure it out.
10. GW, do I really need a reason?


  1. Great post, and the first one is very true even worse when the paint drys in the rim you manage to force it open only for the contents to end up all over the worksurface.

  2. GW they're just plain evil. Suits interested in the bottom line at the expense of quality. Mass produced garbage.

    I don't think The Hubby would mind if I gamed. He's a decent guy and wants me to be happy.

  3. Ahahahahaa... nice post mate.. really made my day, more so cause I can relate to a lot of them ( sports? pff.. I have models to paint, and others to play with ;) ).

  4. The last one made me laugh :-D though i have to admit to actually buying a dragon from them a while back but it was a one off to give as a present and never again will I give them my cash. Great post..

  5. Oh dear Ian, too many of those ring true!

  6. Good Rant! I concur with a lot of those!

  7. @ Andrew, yes I own that paint spattered T-Shirt

    @ Anne, all true, though in the early days they did much to bring the whole hobby forward. Just when they expanded they realised they would do better by culling all other range from their shops that they did not produce.

    @ Lee, glad to here it, I thought up most of the post in bed still a little miffed about that lid LOL

    @ Paul, I had so many different tags for that one, it could be a post all of it's own!

    @ Michael, yes it reminds me of the Fran and Ray questions and a few others, so much the same but different ;-)

    @ Scott, Rant? well maybe, especially a couple but aimed to put a smile on ones chops old boy, what what.