Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Friday, 7 December 2012

Skythian Options.

Martin had eight Skythian Light Cavalry figures all close to being finished but with them being loose in the metal tool bow all the figures had areas of wear and tear. Given that I already had plenty of light cavalry with bows I did not rush to get these out of the box and finished off. This has lead them to be left for just over a year but at long last I have pulled them out as I was planning the painting challenge. Knowing I will get zero points for these I thought it would be good to get them finished. I really want four bases of cavalry with bow to try out how effective these can be. At this point all the rest are based two figures per base to represent Light Horse. These will be more like medium horse, based three figures to a base. However eight does not split well. So I have based two as light horse and the other six as cavalry. The idea being in the short term I an just add a LC base and the mix of bases will show it to be cavalry. Long term two packs will supply enough figures to make up the two extra cavalry I need and the spare two will just be added to the other light cavalry I already have.
Th usual mix of different patterned and bright colours that make the Skythian and Saka horse archers fun to paint and field. Some of the figures just needed a little touch up whilst all the horses needed a little fresh work.
This is one of two views most enemies will see of them. Moving forward to attack then the rear as they evade to safety. It was only whilst editing the pics I noticed no socks or blazes on any of the horses. I will probably add these before putting the figures away. I think I added about two to three hours work to what Martin had already done so not a massive time investment. Plus the time it took to base on top but that would have needed doing anyway.
Like other units that I have finished of Martin's I am looking forward to using figures that he had worked on as well as me as it's a great reminder of his generous gift in these figures. Sorry only able to supply indoor pics today.


  1. I don' t know why...but there are always some miniatures to paint to finish a unit... :-P


  2. Nicely done Ian always very satisfying to finish off a unit - not that I'd really know. ;)

  3. Light bow in numbers can be deadly. I'm thinking about a Parthian army for FoG. Horse archers and cataphracts. Shoot -evade - shoot - evade - disrupt and the charge cataphracts in. Repeat ad infinitum. Thanks for the trophy.

  4. @ Fog, yes always, and on the rare occasion you don't have any to hand you have a lot of odd figures that do not fit in any unit, go figure?

    @ Michael, I have another one on the table now, will be just two bases worth with again two figures that are surplus so will go back in the box til I need a command stand or something.

    @ Phil, Matt is looking at rebasing his Parthian army first as it's his number 1 army. Not sure how they will work out with FoG but when he used them under 6th Edition they were a real handfull. Now togh you can't stack them like before so I hoe for better things. Really looking forward o faceig these in fact. This time though I have the choice of three armies to set against them with a 4th in the long term as I get the Roman's sorted.