Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Monday, 3 December 2012

Phalanx For The Memories

I had the minimum Pike for most of the armies I could cover based on my Macedonian army but still way off the max, though I don't expect to field the max at any time. I did however buy a fourth small block to add options. However going through Martin's box  found enough Chariot/Magister to upgrade it to a 48 figure block. The only issue was than the pikes had all snapped off at some point (I think Martin planned to replace them so was probably intentional. I have recently bought a vice drill so my first use of it was to drill holes for replacements. This went rather well and quicker than expected.
Meanwhile I bought some movement trays as moving so many bases with big pointy sticks is a real pain So armed and ready to go all I needed to do was paint the little devils.
Purple People Eaters
OK I know the colour purple was in short supply and very expensive but I tried undercoating in Maelstrom Purple which ironically I bought really cheap and have shed loads of. The shields and a cloak are the only purple left from the priming so they are not terribly purple. Again the figures painted up really quickly but I expected the shields to take a few days to do as I expected much frustration and angst from this as I have had a bit of a job with this very task each and every time I painted up a block. Well this time it was a fairly fast operation and I found it pleasing (mostly done when no one else was in the house).
The movement trays are a little tight but work well enough, they don't loose casualties often enough for it to be an issue really. The Macedonian Star is as always not uniform across the whole block but I am happy enough with the finished unit so that's enough for me.
I really am proud of the commanders shield, it took just the one attempt and even blown up to this size from 15mm still looks the business. I am not sure how often I will use four blocks but I have them and I suspect if I ever get round to another campaign and use this army I will be looking to add as much pike as I can get away with. In fact looking through the rest of Martin's figures I also have another 114 pike figures and 24 hoplites so I will get these painted up at some point but not until I either need them or I have a good amount of the Romans painted up.  Having looked through what I have left to paint in 15mm that could be started before the end of March.
Here we have the four block all out at the same time and all snug in their movement trays. Hard to accept that these have all been painted up in the last year and a half. That's a lot of points standing on parade.
Not the way you would use in a game as you only count up to 4 ranks but impressive for a photo opportunity. The two blocks are the ones with command figures, the rear two are just pike men and I feel adding command makes the blocks look better.


I like this shot as it gives a nice slid block feel to them. Imagine coming against such a beast! Obviously I will rotate the blocks used in games. I can field all as they are or even four blocks but only 8 bases each instead of having 12 base blocks or a mix. I know one thing though, this block will be held out till I get chance to play with this army, it's one unit I at least will get on the table first.

A more traditional formation for these guys. I expect to have a commander attached and giving them double moves for all he is worth, just so the can get into the fight. Mathew I know is looking at his favourite army to rebase, this being Parathion I may have some time yet before they get to grips with an enemy.
On the table now are some more of Martin's figures but these are part painted but have suffered from moving around in the tool box and need a lot of touch up and repaints. I also want to get as much rebasing done as I can in the next two weeks.  really don't have a mass to do but they have hung round for ages. One lot are Kardrakes and these are surplus to my Persian army and will be sold on e-bay. I will use the proceeds for more bases as I will be needing plenty more before I am finished.


  1. Great work! That's a lot of pike.

  2. that's a big pike bloc.

    i like it.



  3. Fantastic units, impressive by the pikes, and the colors!

  4. Thanks guys, I nearly wet my pants when I realised I still have over 100 pike left to paint.