Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Leven Miniatures Watermill

This is one of three Watermills that Leven Miniatures supply and I felt it looked like it would go well with the Baccus Watermill I already own. You will have to wait for a comparison photo as I want to put them in a correct setting.

Indeed I have 15 more buildings I am painting up right now all in various stages but all of which I hope to finish tomorrow at the latest. These are interestingly (to me at least) are from four different suppliers and span three different periods or Countries! Nice and varied eh?
Anyway back to the Watermill, it's the first of the Leven buildings I have finished and this like the others really is a joy to paint. Better than I expected as the details on the unpreped buildings do not pop out at you. Once you have undercoat on them though they display their detail far more and I found that the primmer went on with no difficulty after the basic wash in soapy water.
This building is a good example of the detail, nice stone work that lends itself to dry brushing to bring up the finish. The brick chimney allowing me to add a nice splash of colour and if that was not enough the wooden shed adds yet more character.
Best yet the building costs just £2.00 so represents great value. Leven are releasing quite a lot of new buildings at the moment spanning between a Saxon Settlement to WWII Normandy Houses and a Shoe Factory!! Leven do plenty of buildings you just don't see elsewhere as well as the obvious buildings others also do adding variety to your 6mm word. Once the Painting Challenge is through I will be buying more from Leven and I still have just under 20 Spanish buildings to paint up! I plan to base up many of the buildings I am painting up at the moment and will do that in breaks in figure painting. I will also post a few pics of all the buildings in a setting once all are finished and I have a spare hour or so.


  1. looks fine!
    you have a lot of buildings in your small scales !

  2. Really nice job Ian, I've not come across Leven before, I'll have to check them out

  3. Lovely looking models. Leven are a new name to me as well - yep, I also have two 6mm armies waiting in the sidelines, must get round to painting them one day.

  4. Nice paintjob on those! I have a review coming up of the viking, industrial and hut range so stay tuned as they look splendid!

  5. That is a lovely looking model Ian. Very nice painting too.

  6. @ Sam, 6mm means low priced buildings so you cn go the extra mile. I still need bridges though. I played a game of Naps where a larg town had lots of combat back and forth so they do get used.

    @ Tim, Well worth checking them out, price wis they can't be beaten. Not a massive amount for the ECW but you can get a few.

    @ Matt, I have two armies on the go, the Naps which I am still building up but have a lot painted and my ECW tat still has a lot to go and little painted, will be doing some more soon though.Leven cover a large era but WWII to modern is where they have the most products.

    @ WN&T will keep an eye out for the review. I have seen pics of the viking stuff and it looked good.

    @ Roger, Thanks, it is my favorite of the ones I bought, possibly why I finished it first. Finished the rest today, all they need is a coat of Varnish now