Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Thursday, 20 December 2012

And We Have Liftoff

Well after nine months of waiting finally we have the start of the Painting Challenge. Today should have been a day that had more stops than starts with a appointment at the Doc's at 7.20am followed by treatment at the hospital at 12.00 and around that two trips to school to take/fetch the kids. All that changed when I got a call Tuesday asking if I could go on Wednesday as they had a slack day against Thursday which was busy. Sounds good to me as it cuts me some slack.
I knew I was wargameing later but no matter, I would be OK. Except I did not factor a couple of things into the equation. First it rained none stop all afternoon and evening and second I was at Lee's till gone 9pm. I got home a little worse for wear and ready to zed but had not yet taken my painkillers which need a two hour kick in before I go to bed. Shame then that I forgot to take them!!
4am and I could not stand it anymore, I just had to give up and get up. On the bright side after some immediate relief types I was able to sit at my desk and start painting. Nett result is a unit and a command base all painted and sent off to Clint. I also have a lot more 20mm well under way and even a few 6mm cavalry as I had the paints out. It's fair to say I have got off to a flying start, OK I may have to tape the brush to my hand to finish them but that's OK isn't it? I also was suitably bolluxed that my Doctor gave me another six month sick note for the DHSS to ignore and the offer of Valium to help me on treatment day!! Er I said no thanks I think I'll do. Anyways I did get out of taking the kids to school but was a good boy and brought them home.
As for the game yesterday, well it was a cracker and I will do the report very soon, just as soon that is as I can type with both hands LOL


  1. good start, sorry you hear about your pain, looking forward to seeing the work on Curts
    Peace James

  2. Oh well thats one way to get started!
    Best of luck Ian.

  3. A good start even if it was in bad circumstances!

  4. Well madce the best of it , so well done
    Now who is this Clint charachter you speak of?

  5. I'm sorry but happy you got started. Taping the paint brush to your hand might do the trick.

    Probably best to stay away from Gorilla Glue.

  6. Not the brightest of days then! At least you managed to get some painting in; always makes me feel better.

  7. Best of luck to you Ian! Have fun but don't wear yourself out.

    I'm off blogger till after the Holidays so I'll wish you and yours a Happy Christmas!

  8. @ James, Well feel much better now. Tired but better thanks,

    @ Scott, well t worked, not got a lot done today though but will probably do more this evening.

    @ Ray, and best of all I can claim I was in front of you, at least for a bit ;-)

    @ Dave, oops hope Curts not looking LOL,

    @ Happy, possibly not as I like to change brushes now and again LOL

    @ Michael, actually if not for painting not sure where I would be as it makes a significany difference to hos I feel. I am more awake when I paint, days when I don't I tend to get very lathargic.

    @ Anne, have a great Christmas too Anne, hope you get some nice new toys to play with