Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Sunday, 23 December 2012

Numidian 20mm Nellies

You can't beat a few nellies and given my Numidian has so little punch they need the single elephant base allowed for them. I also used one of the spare elephants to make up a command base. OK not normal under Impetus but it was a wrinkle Barry wanted and something I was happy to include as all other systems have commanders moving around the battlefield.

The command Elephant is on a circular base as per the previous command stands. Still really needs work on the base as I am short of tufts etc at the moment. Given that I plan to sell the army come Triples it really is not that important. Meanwhile I still need to paint up the Roman cavalry and have just finished the light cavalry you can see in the background.

Not a great shot of the unit of two elephants. The flash was bleaching he pictures a little. The runners with the elephants were done at the same time as all the other foot way back. It felt good to finally get them on a base at last. I plan to get the whole army finished in the next few months but after the Numidian Light cavalry I will spend some time on the other scales. Whilst I enjoyed the Napoleonic 20mm plastics the only other 20mm that have been nearly as much fun was the Roman infantry. At least once these are done and sold I will have more space for my other projects. The irony though, finally get it painted and then I sell it.


  1. Loved these Ian and great to see them here in more detail - top job Sir.

  2. Thank you again! Now I know how to paint the one you sent me!!

  3. Well done, Ian. Looks like a lot of fun, which is cool.

  4. @ Michael, funny I said the same about yours LOL

    @ Gowan, everyone loves nellies, well except those getting crushed by them LOL

    @ Anne, 'twas a pleasure, I actually painted them up using ablack wash over a white primer. The eyes I touched up and I went heavier on the wash in a couple of places but that was just about it really

    @ Happy, was rather fun. After all these months of lotsof painting I still enjoy painting very much. No burn out here


  5. I find painting relaxing, but haven't done it in a long while.

    Cheers and boogie boogie.


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