Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Curt is at it again.

Curt over at Analogue Hobbies is running the Third Annual Painting Challenge. We have a good number of new contestants and a really wide range of topics. Even for those who are not joining in it's good fun to watch. Last year every day saw multiple posts of painted units and figures. Curt somehow manages to keep the finished work posted and get still paint to his own excellent standard.
My personal aim is to beat last years total which was a fairly hefty sum but I have a better more dedicated painting area that should help, though I have not lifted a brush in the last few days. Funny thing is that I still have some of the same subjects on the go as last year but I also have a couple of new ones.
It's a good time to look at what I have lined up figure wise and set some targets (just for fun).
20mm Numidian Impetus Army. I have eight light cavalry units, a medium Roman Cavalry unit and a unit of elephants to paint. I aim to get all these done and plan to prep the light cavalry before the challenge begins.
15mm Seleucid army. I still need to paint up 48 medium bow figures, the Galatian Cavalry, about 50 Thracian foot, 25 hoplites and some light cavalry. These all I hope to get finished if possible.
15mm odds and ends. Two Persian Cavalry units to finish off my Persian army, a bunch of cataphracts that are really crap castings just to get them done. Over 100 more pike which will be towards the back of the line and I don't expect to get these finished.
15mm Principate Roman army. I don't expect to get deep into this army but with the help of the challenge I hope to get a good start on it.
15mm ECW camp and foot regiment. I want to get these done for my FoG:R army and hope to get them on the table at some point to try out the rules.
6mm French Naps. I still have about 15 regiments of foot to paint up and about 10 of cavalry. The foot will be various allies whilst the horses is a number of light cavalry and a couple of heavies that I have yet to get round to. I hope to get most if not all of these painted up before the end of the challenge.
6mm ECW, I have just under two armies worth of these to paint so will make some inroads to them but for the most part these will play second fiddle to the Naps, that is unless Lee suddenly gets into high gear with his at which point I will push these forward.
28mm WWII, got plenty of these to be getting on with. Some will be hitting the table before the challenge starts but most will wait on the 20th. I will get all I have on board painted before the end of the challenge and hope to get some more in the meantime and paint them as well.
So rather a ambitious goal but I think it's possible. I just need to get my head down and go for it. I also have loads of buildings to paint and whilst they are not part of the challenge I don't plan on waiting till the end of March to get them done so expect these being inserted every now and again for a change of pace.


  1. I really had fun following this last year and I'm really looking forward to seeing someone crush Ray!

  2. Crush Ray! Crush Ray! Start the chant......

  3. Yeah - go for it. I have it on good authority (Fran) that Ray has some painting gimps locked in his garage that do the work for him.

    I'm going to blitz my 6mm armies this year.

  4. *Gulp* That is a mighty long list! I not sure mine measures up at all.

  5. Yeah - a fine list... now just heads down and we can as Fran say.... Crush Ray ...