Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Monday, 31 December 2012

Five Baccus Chasseur Regiments

Well the painting monkey is still on my back and he sure has a tight grip. Not that I am complaining as I have shifted some figures in the last ten days. So with the paint hardly dry these regiments were rushed into action over at Lee's.
Originally  worried that these figures would look a bit to much the same given the same green is used for the jackets, trousers and saddle cloths. I tried toning down the saddle cloth a little but I can't see much difference. Well they turned out fine in the end and in fact most of the time the Chasseur regiments will be spread across a number of formations so they won't be massed as a single force. 

Chasseur's have an interesting way of denoting which regiment they are by having facings and cuffs using set colours. Three Regiments have a set colour with one regiment having both cuffs and collars that colour and the two other regiments having either the cuffs or collar that colour. Fortunately I had a chart to tell me which regiment had which.
10th Chasseurs
15th Chasseurs
21st Chasseurs
22nd Chasseurs
26th Chasseurs
I still have a fair few to buy and paint up at some point as France had loads of these guys. As usual I have them in a broken line as the idea of tight neat lines just seems to neat and unrealistic. The 22nd I formed in a wedge but they are just show offs. Dead at their hooves are a pair of Adler casualties I painted up a few months back. I have quite a few more of these unpainted so will be adding them to future bases.
For those who are getting a bit bored of the 6mm love fest can loo forward to some 28mm WWII including a couple of diorama like bases that I am working on at the moment. However 6mm is not that far away as I have started my Secret Santa artillery as well. I have the urge to crack on with some of my 15mm as well. Not only that but a good mate is sending me some 28mm Mansions of Madness investigators to paint up for him which got popped in the post this morning. These will do a bit of a jump to the front of the queue as things tend to do on occasion.
So it's New Year already for some whilst others need to be patient. Wherever you are have a good one but don't bother to text me your good wishes, the phones off and I'll be in bed ;-)


  1. Have a good rest and a Happy New Year Ian!

  2. Mighty fine work! Have a great New year!

  3. Wouldn't think of it, have a good one!

  4. nice looking horses... and cavalrymen on their backs

  5. That was a really nice thing you did for Anne and her family, Ian.
    Happy New Year.

  6. Nice looking chausseurs, those. Happy New Year!

  7. @ Anne, hope your New Year was good especially with the Spawn out

    @ Ray, You too mate

    @ Fran, I was as sober as you and Ray was. Mind you Iwas also in bed by midnight ;-)

    @ Gowan, I like to make the horses a mixed bunch.

    @ Alex, thanks, it was more thought than brass and as we are strapped as well it was nice to give a little.

    @ Peter, thanks, same to yu as well. Looking forward to better prospects in 2013

    @ Happy, you obviously have not smelt me ;-)