Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Saturday, 15 December 2012

Secret Santa, Why Thank You.

Just a quick Thank You to my Secret Santa. A package arrived today and has been put in a safe place by Cath. I'm really looking forward to the day so I can see what I have got. I have to admit to being rather excited about the prospect. So how about you guys, any parcels of wargames stuff under the tree yet?
If so feel free to yell about it. Normally I have a ASL item or two, not sure this will happen for the big day but still will be picking up a couple of bits including the new Journal which has shipped to the pre-orders.
Not bad progress yesterday as we did not leave the house other than to get the kids from school. The Princess is happy that I have got a little further with the giraffes and all the buildings are finished except some flock on a couple and varnish on all. So expect a few posts on these guys.


  1. My secret Santa package arrive yesterday as well! I'm very excited to see its content.

  2. Still waiting for my Secret Santa! I'm gnashing at the bit.

  3. Nothing better than the knowledge that there is a pile of lead under the tree; I'm envious Sir.

  4. You're a lucky man!
    I don't have "Hobby" secret Santa!
    (no matter because I've made my own one)
    but I will have something different, and it's good too.

  5. Given the price of the ASL gear I am after these days and that I have a lead mountain of over 10000 figures awaiting the brush, I never really considered doing a Secret Santa.

    If anthing I will probably give 2013 a miss on the miniatures front. Too much to do ASL wise - it really is a lifestyle game rather than a opart of a greater hobby whole.

  6. Mine came last week, and my will power's slipping!

  7. Mine arrived as well. Now we play the waiting game.....

  8. @ Thorsteinn, glad to hear that, it's what the whole thing is about.

    @ Phil, well once it arrives don't you be opening it till the day.

    @ Michael, yes indeed, well I think I will be running it again next year so you cn join in if you wish.

    @ Sam, again please feel free to join in next year. This being the first year we only had 10 involved but I expect far more interest next time,

    @ Peter, I know where you are coming from, especially with such a large lead pile. ASL sucks up so much time but we love it.

    @ Tim, well stay strong, it will be even better opening on the day rather than a guilty early strike

    @ Dartfrog, yes but look how happy you will be on the day, a real wargame surprise. I am really looking forward to following what each of us have received and reactions.