Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Companion Cavalry by Essex

The last of the almost finished figures of Martin's. Well in fact I have two figures that will be used at a much later date on a command base. These two bases will just allow options for my Macedonian armies or the Bactrian Greek if I decide to also expand to include that list as well.

I can't really take any credit here as all I needed to do was repaint the lance and tips, a little touch up on the horses and give them a ink wash. Martin as he often did had changed the positions of some of the horses heads and made one horse rear up.
I then just rebased to FoG in my usual way though I incorporated the three horses that clearly went together. All told less than an hour of work if you ignore the down periods for drying.
Whilst doing this though I decided to cut my fingers repeatedly whilst cleaning up the 20mm Numidian Light Cavalry. All thirty two are now prepped and undercoated ready for the kick off of the Challenge. I now have a box file full of 20mm Ancients and 28mm WWII all prepped and ready. I still have fifteen 28mm Partisan figures to prep and have another twenty eight plus on order that I am waiting for. A mix of desert and early war WWII. I also have six Japanese 28mm to make up and prepare which I will do this week coming I guess.
Fear not, I have other work sitting on the table right now. A Galatian cavalry base in 15mm to see if I like them enough to paint up a unit. I have started a 54mm Philistine for my son which I am about half way through. A pair of giraffes, yes giraffes for my daughter which are at the moment just undercoated. Not only that but a bunch of 6mm buildings have been primed between all those 20mm figures. So plenty to work on between now and the twentieth.


  1. Purple and gold riding white steeds.... beautiful!

  2. Good luck on the challenge.


  3. A pair of giraffes, now that sounds interesting! Looking forward to seeing these Ian.

  4. @ Jonathan Yes Martin had a good eye for style.

    @ ColKillgore, Thanks and good luck to you as well. It's going to be great fun

    @ Roger, Mother and baby no less. I have a few ideas for the base as well. The kids are loveing the whole process.