Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Friday, 28 December 2012

6mm Baccus Cuirassiers

I have finally got round to painting the French Cuirassiers and thus finishing the army pack I bought at the last Derby Uni show. Though I have painted up plenty more of that army that did not come in the pack as well. Two reasons for the delay with the heavy boys. First up I like to get the bread and butter troops all painted before doing the cream. But secondly with the diversion to the Spanish Ulcer and the almost lack of Cuirassiers I changed tack and painted up Dragoons and recently Neapolitans. Now I am looking at the Italians and a feast of other forces for this area. Lee and myself tough really need to look at where we plan to go first as I may have to divert again to 1815 or maybe back to Russia as originally planned. But then again anything is possible!
Onto the subject in hand, I have painted up the 1st, 4th, 7th and 10th Cuirassiers and the reason I picked these out was that they are the first listed of each colour change of collars and turnbacks (not that I did the turnbacks).
 Until I get and paint up the Guard these will be the best troops on the table. It's been less than a week since I painted them and they get used today. Better than that I painted up five regiments of Chasseurs which I finished yesterday and those are also in action later.

Here we have the 1st Cuirassiers. The donkey like horses really comes to the fore with these heavies, I wonder how well they will sit next to the Adler when I get them?

4th Cuirassiers, whilst a large percentage of the horses are the same two colours I have mixed in a few white and black (white for all the trumpeters) and the blaze and socks help break this up so they do not look carbon copies of each other.

As always I have the figures staggered so that they are not in a perfect line, though these are standing still so I may as well had them in almost perfect lines. This is the 7th.

Finally the 10th. Reasonably quick to do but with the mix of colours such as the helmet getting three different colours (brass, silver and black) it ha it's moments. Still lots of fun to paint.

So I'm off now so wish me luck, which I may well need as this game will be larger than the last one as we try and break the rules a bit.


  1. That's a fine looking bunch you have there Ian. Best of luck at the game and don't wear yourself out too much!

  2. well done and as you asked I wish you the best of luck... great little cuirassiers, I must get some in 20mm or the carabiners

  3. @ Anne, Thanks and I guess I did it again oops

    @ Gowan, well we played a really fun game, lots happening but have yet to finish so the game is still in play. The rules stood up to the size of the game though it's taken far longer than I like, still with the changes we talked about that could be speeded up a fair bit