Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Hypaspists ready to go.

Originally I bought enough Hypaspists for a different set of rules but under FoG I am at least one base short (well technically I am 2 figures short). Fortunately Reading is this weekend and I have the figures ordered through a mate who will be there. Other than the shield I have used base colours so it will not be difficult to get the same results on the rest of the unit. I had enough figures for 5 bases of 3, this will go up to 12 bases of 3 figures. I had the choice of Heavy or Medium (3 or 4 figures a base) I went with three as I have plenty of Heavy options and felt the extra movement gained by being Medium was well worth the trade off. If I am wrong I will convert to Heavy.

Figures are Magister Militum (ALM7) 15mm and are the first figures I have had from these guys that I am not 100% happy with. A fairly heavy mold line runs down the face, from a distance this is OK but a lot of Macro shots could not be used as the faces of all the figures are disfigured. Worse though is the shields they have what can only be called a rough patch that makes painting an emblem on them a little tricky and whilst I hope it was just this batch I expect to find the next lot looking the same. Other than that they are very nice figures and once I have full battle groups I think they will be a presence on the battlefield.

A little thin on the table right now but it's another unit off the list. Till next week I now just have 12 Companion Cav and 24 Thracian Peltasts to paint. Still I need to get some kind of command figures for my Macedonian army, any suggestions?



    Try this link, figs from Essex, they fit in well with Chariot figures. And I'm sure they'll be at Reading too.

  2. Hi Ray

    Thanks for that, I agree, I have a chunk of Essex in my Persian Army as you will see as next up for rebasing is the Saka Horse which is a real mix of suppliers. I will have to wait for Command figures as Lee was at Reading today. Whilst I will be working on the macedonian army over the coming months I don't see it being played (other than as part of Lee's force) so command is not desperate, but will pick some up (old opponents had these figures) AND i have a mate dropping some old figures off for me to have as he never did paint them, maybe Command will be in these (old Selucid Army)
    Meanwhile I also have a few hundred French 6mm Naps to get on with.

  3. Great looking figurines! Keep up the nice work sir.

  4. Thanks Chip,

    no issues with that, just been told I wont be able to work for at least another 4 months but possibly a year plus, oops LOL