Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Building a Dream Part II

After my last spurt of activity on this project it was side lined by the Painting Challenge, I had the bit between my teeth. I knew what I wanted to do but needed the table clear. Now I have finished the Italians I jumped straight into this project again and rather embarrassingly finished it in a few hours. I have even started work on the other base and plan to have it finished and posted out to my mate before the week is out. Rather ambitious given the fact that the second base has more work on it that the first.

The wall is made from balsa  wood and a textured card outer sleeve. Also on the painting a plinth like stone section is at the base of the wall so again the balsa adds the detail. I used a sanding block to make the joint on the corner tidy and also sloped the top side of the plinth. So far so good.

The textured card once painted will be glued over the outer wall to show the brickwork through. This is to replicate the broken brick work on the wall. The picture above shows the sleeve just placed over, the finished version fits much better.

I papered the interior with a slight mottled look paper. Originally I was thinking to add it as rolls but reasoned at this scale you would not see the joins so left it as one sheet. The balsa again came in handy as I scored a piece to give floorboard effect and then stained it with Citadel Agrax shade.

Everything is muted on the base so I wanted to add something to clash with the whole war vibe. What could be better than a 6mm wizard?

No I was not kidding, the free wizard I received at Derby in 2011, I knew it would come in handy. As to what I did with the little fellow, well you will have to wait till the bases arrive at Baltimore won't you    ;-)


  1. Neat idea Ian and looking forward to seeing what you do with that wizard.

  2. Lovely job, clever idea with the sleeve.

  3. Thanks Guys and Gel of course. Yes the wizard, both myself and the guy I'm giving it too think it was a great idea, the cat should be out of the bag in a few weeks.