Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

No It's Not Just A Post About The Snow

View From My Window
OK snow does have a place in this post, but only in the fact that it cut short the second session of playing the  Napoleonic game with Lee. We got through most of one turn but with ever roll of the dice it came down harder and thicker. The texts from home became more urgent. As it happened nothing that happened in the turn had worked out well for me, even though I had managed to get most activation's. Lee was happy to leave the game for another day but I felt we would get more mileage out of ending it there and playing a fresh game with the changes we discussed. No matter at least I got to go home and finish off some figures. Well once I got past the tanker and smashed up lorry on the road just down from home. 

Whilst with Lee we talked some more about our aims for 6mm. Lee will soon have all the British for Waterloo and is making his way through the Allies. Mind you he has all the French Guard, not only for Waterloo but Borodino as well! Well he has them unpainted and Adler as well no less. We can expect Lee to have his side of Waterloo covered within six months. In fact meanwhile he is starting his Russian Army via a painting service. Lee likes the idea over the next three to five years building all armies that ever thought in the Napoleonic period and I thought I was nuts!

So how about me. The French should not be too much of a problem, I still need to buy never mind paint the Guard but hey that's soon(ish). However the Prussians that's the issue. I have a load of Irregular with bits of Heroics and Ross. I really want to replace these with fresh figures, a mix probably of Adler and Baccus. This is both logical and affordable as my Prussians do look really good and the selling price would make more than the replacement castings so getting them is not an issue. The issue is just the sheer numbers I would have to paint. At least my French force for Spain is coming close to being finished. However the force required for  Waterloo and Russia is very much another matter. The question really is can I paint up enough French and Prussians to be ready to play Waterloo by 2015 (not a display game , just playing for kicks). The easy answer would be for Lee to bump the Prussians up the ladder, this would have to be after the Russians. If so do I still go after the Prussians or pick something else. I do still fancy the Spanish army under French control. Seems we still have as many questions as answers. What looks likely though is that come York I will have a Prussian Army up for sale.

View From The Drive.
It must be all this talk about Russia. I've started the figures for Matt and I like the style of painting more than I thought. I undercoat mostly in white, Matt goes for black. His method looks good and is way faster than my method. I could go with this style for the Prussians whilst keeping the French and allies the same as I have done to this stage. 

My plan for Matt's figures is to not paint any of the ones he has given me until I have painted more of his. So at this point I could paint up 48 figures of mine as that is the number I have finished of his. This way I won't get ahead of myself and it keeps me focused. I need to be, Matt has got the best part of 1,000 figures for me to get through. If that was not enough I have been approached by two other friends about doing some painting. I expect Matt's figures to be done in less than three months and I can slot other stuff in with my own, the change of figure types and scales is a lot of fun for me.

View just around the corner.
I am also happy to report I have finished one of the two larger Sniper Reminders and well on my way with the second. I have firm ideas of exactly what I want the base to look like and I think it's within my ability to pull it off. I have everything I need to do it and want to crack on with it. The texture gel I used at 5am though is still not quite ready for me to continue. So the second test regiment for Matt is on my table. I have even found the time to prep the five Baccus Hussar regiments and some of my Adler Command figures ready for priming which should be tomorrow.

We may get more of the white stuff between now and the weekend, if so I may even get more done. I had better get off, I have a Regiment to finish.


  1. Weather delayed play, haven't heard that one before.

  2. You can keep the snow, we don't want any down here!

    1. Yes you have to wonder about those down that end don't you.

  3. Yeah snow stopped play by the cowboys this week too! Interesting to hear the plans

  4. So that is where the snow is! We seemed to have missed it completely down here on the Sunshine Coast!

  5. Ah snow.... I actually wish we had more of it around here right now... been a slow year in that department.

  6. Well the first pick was actually frost on the trees, we have been at -5 to -6 a lot of the time.

    It's snowing here a bit at the moment, though we have been promised a lot over the next three to four days. That should help with painting :-)