Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

WIP I Need Bases!!!!!!

Well with nothing actually finished that I can post I thought I had best let you know what is happening at the moment. I have quite a few 28mm WWII figures almost finished. Just AP or other wash to apply, then base them up and off to Curt for scoring for the Painting Challenge. The only issue is basing will have to wait for a week Saturday when they will be picked up at the York show. It's a little frustrating having so many figures this close to being finished but unable to get the last stage done. 

I actually have more done than the ones shown, these are the ones I have done in the last few days. A mix of Japanese, German and a few Russian. All Sniper Reminder pieces so I need the Warbases Casualty markers which have been ordered. 

So I got these out so I can do something in a different scale. Know what I am talking about? Well here is a clue, the figures are not me but a mate.

Here you go, they are of course Matt's WSS, not all of them but six regiments of foot or to put it another way 288 figures. These will be added to the two regiments already painted leaving just three more foot regiments to do. I am doing this group first as they have either white or grey coats and I am pleased to report that all six regiments now have their coats painted (except the drummers). I also have prepped but waiting till these have been painted five French Hussar regiments on sticks and a good number of French commanders. I hope to get those started before the weekend so I need to get a crack on with Matt's figures. Of course when I start my cavalry I will also be making a start on Matt's. My plan to get all Matt's figures done in a three month period looks to be well on track.


  1. Waiting on more bases myself from Warbases!

  2. I'm waiting on a Warbases order too!!!

  3. AAh poor logistics... the bane of commanders everywhere - i have loads of em!!

    Might be at York this year again myself , so may bump into you - are you going with Lee?

  4. My word that is an awful lot of potential points you have sitting on you painting table!

  5. @ Fran and Ray, hope you sent the order together to save on postage.

    @ Dave, I have loads of them as well, just the wrong caliber ;-)

    I am going with Lee, hope you do make it, good to meet up. I hope Gerry makes it as I have some 10mm Nap ADC's for him, save me posting them.

    @ Michael, yes lots of them, some have been painted as long ago as between Christmas and New Year (though I also have a few from way before that so worth no points). Those 6mm all should be finished sometime tomorrow. If I did not have a ASL game tonight I may have got them done this evening